Why Not Goggy?

My first clear memory is of Alexander, a wee grey kitten, arriving in a shoebox at our house. There he was in all his delightful glory – fuzzy and perfect and the only family member who was smaller than me. Together we crept the floors, emitted squeaking sounds, and dined out of smaller bowls than the adults.

I  later heard tell that my first word was, “Goggy”, a term I employed when addressing this legendary Alexander character.

As soon as I could reach the keys, I began exploring music and Alexander was there purring and bathing under the piano. A bit later, when I learned to bounce between two Panasonic cassette decks to primitively ‘overdub’ arrangement ideas, he blinked benevolent approval. He was the one who, just by a knowing look, suggested how to “tune” wineglasses by filling them with varying amounts of water. Clearly a seminal influence. And subsequent cats bore witness (and gave sage advice)  to a growing archive of home-recording experiments and demos – from Titus, Fuschia, and Stella, to Luc and Freddi (the latter two being the current feline household constituents). All these Goggies have put their pawprint of approval on songs before I share them with humans.

Sounds odd? Well. I’m sure I’m not the only musician who plays to the cat gallery.

So, to review. What is this Goggy brouhaha?

  1. A solo project
  2.  Getting back to my roots of creating exploratory versions of songs endorsed by cats.
  3. Psychedelic-pop-singer-songwriter tunes recorded late at night
  4. Tinkerings & experiments with musical instruments and noise-creating toys & objects, be they acoustic or virtual instruments, cheese graters, or spatulas.
  5. Late night audio fun. “Hmmm what will this do?”
  6. Did I mention, the cats dig it?
  7. Why not Goggy.


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